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We offer weekly Sunday Services beginning at 9:00 AM with Sunday School at 10:15 AM.

Selvin United Methodist Church
12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523

Pastor Karen

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Advent 2015
During Advent, we prepare our hearts in hope and anticipation for the
coming of Christ.

Far too often, gifts become the center of our attention and our budget.
And, the focus on gift giving can clutter our minds and divert our time away from God.
There are
priceless gifts to give for free:
The gift of listeninq:
No interrupting, no daydreaming, no
planning your responses. Just listen.
The gift of affection:
Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses,
and pats on the back.
The gift of l
aughter: Share an article, a funny story, or a cartoon
and tell someone, "I love to laugh with you."
The gift of a compliment:
A simple and sincere "You did a super
job," or "That was wonderful" can make someone's day.
The gift of solitude:
Be sensitive to the times when others want
nothing more than to be left alone.
The gift of a
cheerful disposition: The easiest way to feel good is to
extend a kind word, a hello, or a thank you.
The gift of a prayer:
Let your friends and loved ones know you
pray for them - then do it!

May we pause from our busy lives to ponder the true meaning of
Christmas as we receive God's promise of the greatest gift ever given
- The gift of Advent

Advent Blessinqs,

Pastor Karen

Church View
Selvin United Methodist Church
12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523

Pastor Karen Sureck and the congregation of Selvin United Methodist Chuch wish you a hearty WELCOME! Review our site to learn about our church family and activities. We encourage your visit.
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12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523
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