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We offer weekly Sunday Services beginning at 9:00 AM

Our Lenten journey calls us to "Plug into God's Power through the Light of His Son."
Through the darkness of our lives, we may come to see, by the light of the Son. By the Power of God, we must relect the light  of Christ through lives of prayer and joyful service. For lives which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.

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Selvin United Methodist Church
12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523

Pastor Terry

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Selvin United Methodist Church
12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523
Pastor Terry Kamman and the congregation of Selvin United Methodist Chuch wish you a hearty WELCOME!
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Pastor Terry has focused on personal testimony during this Lenten period. During the Wed. March 19th Lenten service, Elaine Dewald and Terry Bond offered testimonies of GODs' influence in their lives. Libby  offered a poem, To hear these contributions go to the 
listenin.html page.

Lent - 2019
"I am the light of the world Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life"

The Light of the Son
Threatened by darkness, our suffering Light,
Submitted His power, gave in to the night.
Abandoned, forsaken, dismayed, but not lost,
He willingly gave up His blood to the cross.

Treasure of heaven for a world stained with sin,
The King's Son was ransom our lost souls to win,
Soaring fire of His Spirit by our sin brought low,
Yet Love's burning ember continued to glow.

Great Light faced great darkness, but Light overcame,
The fuel for my heart fire, the cure for my shame.




12088 Yellowbanks Trail
Selvin, IN 47523
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